Plant Extracts

Plant extracts, naturally extracted for their potent skin feel, rejuvenation and conditioning properties

Our Natural Plant and Flower Extracts for skincare take the inspiration of nature, extracting the source of the plant to use in your cosmetic product to help provide sensual beauty treatments with proven antioxidant properties when used between 0.2 and 1%. Many of our plant extracts are grown Organically at our Farm in Surrey.

Seaweed Extract, extract of the month

Seaweed extract for use in skincare products rich in antioxidents for anti ageing and skin protection buy online

Seaweed is an excellent source of Polyphenols and Iodine, commonly found in anti-cellulite and obesity products and those designed to reduce Sun Damage's effects, promoting elasticity in the skin.

Seaweed extract is suitable for oil-based formulations such as facial oils or combined in water-based formulations with the addition of an emulsifier


Understanding Solubility of extracts

Our extracts are extracted in different mediums to make them easy to use in the cosmetic products you create.

Our short guide helps to explain the solubility and what type of extract to use in your formulation.

Our range of plant extracts