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Plant based

Ingredients to create Cosmetics and Toiletries

make your own skincare products for hobby or business

Create your own skincare products

Create unique, custom cosmetics for your family, business or shop with Naturallythinking!

Our cosmetic ingredients promise ethically sourced purity and quality. We carry a full range of cosmetic elements from functional components like emulsifiers to natural extracts like Squalane including some grown and extract at our farm on the Surrey Hills.

Whether you're an experienced enthusiastic in need of further knowledge or someone looking to start fresh - our courses will guide the way towards making perfect products utilizing natural ingredients that are legally acceptable in both the UK & EU*.

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Create your own Zero Waste Cosmetics for your family or business online. You add choose the ingredients and we custom produce it for you.

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Want to learn more? Enjoy our courses

Our cosmetic product training course teaches you to make cosmetics from scratch whether you are making professionally or for home use.

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