Ingredients to create Cosmetics and Toiletries

Ingredients to create Cosmetics and Toiletries

Ingredients to create your own skincare products

Cosmetic Ingredients sourced for purity, ethics and quality from our own Naturallythinking Farm and around the world. We stock a full range of cosmetic ingredients, from functional cosmetic ingredients such as emulsifiers, to active extracts like Squalane.

Suitable for home enthusiasts, professionals or those wishing to start a business, our courses can help you learn how best to make cosmetics with natural ingredients. Our range of professional services will help you produce and sell the cosmetics you make legally in the UK & EU*.

Zero Waste Cosmetics!

Looking at creating your own Zero Waste Cosmetics for your family? - Actives, Botanics and Feel Enhancers help create skincare products that benefit your family. They are really easy to use and simple to add to your formulations.

Want to learn more?

Our cosmetic product training course teaches you to make cosmetics from scratch whether you are making professionally or for home use.

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1000' of therapists, spas and businesses use our ingredients to create incredible skincare products

You will find our oils, active botanicals, preservatives and lots more in brands across Europe, from Spa's to Farmers markets, our ingredients are the natural choice for those producing natural skincare products. With No minimum order, we make your dreams reality.

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Ingredient of the Month

When you are making Creams and Lotions, Glyceryl Stearate S/E is a must have ingredient. Add stability, viscosity and emulsion to your Cream or Lotion with ease. At just £11/kg and usage levels from just 0.2%, it is a highly cost effective and skin loving ingreident.

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