Plant Extracts

We organically grow medicinal plants in the UK and manufacture our cosmetic extracts in-house for purity and efficacy

Plant Extracts, naturally extracted for their potent skin feel, rejuvenation and conditioning properties

Our Natural Plant and Flower Extracts take the inspiration of nature, extracting the source of the plant to use in your cosmetic product.

Easy to use and combine in your product they add noticeable feel and skin difference to your product.

Choose the extract with the correct solubility for your cosmetic product.

Some extracts are oil soluble and others water soluble. This makes it easy to combine with your product without having to add additional ingredients

Many of our plant extracts are grown Organically at Little Woodcote Estate Farm, Surrey.

By 2023 we aim to have over 100 cosmetic extracts growing organically at our UK Farm.