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We grow and distill essential oils

For enthusiasts and therapists, quality at direct prices our aromatherapy range is sourced for purity

We produce our cosmetic bases in-house

We are the only UK aromatherapy company to produe all our cosmetic bases in-house and can supply from 100ml to 1 00 tonnes

Become a naturallythinking therapist

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We grow and distill essential oils

For enthusiasts and therapists, quality at direct prices our aromatherapy range is sourced for purity

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Free shipping on all skincare products in the UK and great rates across Europe and beyond. Find out more on our delivery charges

We grow and produce our skincare products in the UK

We don't just make skincare; we grow the ingredients inside them, here in the Britain. Find out more on how we grow and produce.

Aromatherapy for home and professionals

As a British grower of essential oils, we organically grow our oils on the Surrey Hill and source others from great growers aruond the world. Find out more

Enjoy our beautiful Lavender products made from British Lavender grown at our Farms on the Surrey Hills

Discover our range of therapeutic aromatherapy bath oils, crafted with British ingredients grown and distilled on the Surrey Hills, Banstead. Relaxing, rejuvenating, de-stressing and Spa indulgent.

Xanthan Gum is a wonderful cosmetic ingredient to change the rheology of skincare products from Shower Gel to Body Cream. Many have problems with the initial mixing, watch our Handy video that shows how easy it is to use.

Our range of essential oils grown by us at our farm on the Surrey Hills, Banstead. Grown organically, harvested and distilled onsite. We have Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Sage, Thyme and Rosemary essential oils available in our British Essential Oils range.

Our Zero Waste Skincare range produces no packaging as a result of its consumption. With 5 Litre re-usable packaging and an almost infinite combination of ingredients you can choose.. you can make the perfect skincare product for you and your family, whilst removing waste.

From farm to cosmetic we love natural skincare

From farm to cosmetic we love natural skincare

At our factory in Beddington, Surrey, we produce all of our skincare products by hand, using the finest ingredients either grown by ourselves or sourced from trusted growers.

As we grow ingredients and source our oils direct from producers our products are made from the freshest ingredients and the highest quality.

We grow and distill Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Sage, Thyme and Chamomile in the UK. In addition we have great relationships with growers throughout the world that are ethical and responsible to the environment, sourcing the finest aromatherapy oils for enthusiasts and professionals.

Buy direct for freshness, price and quality.

At our Little Woodcote Estate Farm we grow botanicals for use in skincare products, extracting the botanicals for use in both our skincare products and supplying active plant botanicals throughout the world to other natural based skincare companies.

Our botanicals are wild harvested and Organically grown for purity.

Our Cosmetic bases are used by individuals and skincare companies throughout Europe and Asia.

Our Cosmetic bases are made with the highest quality natural ingredients and produced in-house at our Beddington factory. Our customers range from purchasing 100ml for home use to 10,000 Litres for brand and Spa use.

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