Posted by Danny Stanzl on 2nd Jan 2023

Using Naturallythinking Shower Gel base to make your own shower gel

Make your own Shower Gel from a Naturallythinking Cosmetic Base

Making your own Shower Gel from our Naturallythinking Cosmetic base is really quick and easy to do.

Our Shower Gel base is both SLS Free and Paraben Free and can be readily mixed with essential oils, carrier oils, actives and botanical extracts.

We supply our Shower Gel from 100ml to many tonnes and there are many Brands, Spa brands and Hotels that use our Shower Gel base is the building block of their Shower Gel range.

It doesn't matter if you are making at home for your family, for your small business or large brand, our SLS Free Shower Gel base is easy to use.

Why make your own skin shower gel?

Making your own Shower Gel for your family is fun and you can control the ingredients that are going on your families skin.

By using essential oils, you can make aromatherapy blends to help both skin and mind. By adding extracts and botanicals you can make a real difference to your families skin, removing the synthetic fragrances and bulking ingredients that can cause so much harm to skin with everyday use.

Buying the larger sizes (5 Litre) you can cut down on packaging waste and refill and reuse the bottles in your bathroom and home, helping to eliminate the waste of the bottles that go into your recycling each week.


Make your own skin concealer instructions

Please watch the video above for a guided walk through how to make your own sls free shower gel.

  1. Pour the desired amount of Shower Gel base into a mixing jar
  2. Add your essential oils and any actives.

    In our example we use Bisabolol and add this first as you want just a very small amount. The Bisabolol helps reduce irritation and is ideal for sensitive skins. It also has the added bonus of making the scent last a little longer on your skin after use, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

    We used Ginger and Lime in our example, a simple but uplifting blend for a Summers morning. Lime brings energy and vitality whilst the Ginger helps calm the body with stimulating. Ginger is ideal if you are feeling a little heady after a late night.

  3. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and ensure they are properly mixed through. The Shower Gel may go a little cloudy, but it will clear over time once you have stopped mixing.
  4. Pour into a reusable bottle and cap

Recipe enhancements you can make

Essential Oils

We used just 2 essential oils, there is no reason you couldn't add additional oils to the recipe. In addition adding a tiny drop of an oil such as Sandalwood will act as a fixative for the scent, giving a more perfume like aroma.


You could add a little Vitamin E as an antioxidant. This will help prolong the scent and life of your essential oils and provide some antioxidant skin benefit.


Farnesol is a popular addition which would help "throw" the scent of your Shower Gel and increase the longevity of the scent on your skin, much like a perfume.

Add Carrier Oils / Fixed Oils

You can add oils such as Olive, Jojoba, Argan for additional skin moisturising properties. We would advise not exceeding 5% oil as it starts to remove the foaming ability. Adding carrier oils will make a more creamy Shower Gel experience that leaves you feeling moisturised.

If you are adding carrier oils, we would recommend that you also add at least 0.2% Vitamin E to keep the "freshness" of your blend.


Equipment you will need

Measuring Jug


Scales (small quantities Jewellery Scales are great)

Bottle and Closure for your finished Shower Gel

Label to remember the ingredients in your Shower Gel