Cream & Lotion Bases

Natural cream and lotion bases to blend your oils, extracts and actives to create customised skincare

See how easy it is to blend your own skincare products using our cosmetic bases

Simply really natural cosmetic bases

#cosmetic base recipe #natural ingredients Simply really natural skincare cream and lotion cosmetic bases made in the UK to produce your own unique skincare products

Using our bases is easy and effective

Using our cosmetic bases is an easy and effective way to simply produce high-quality natural products without compromise.

make your own skincare

naturallythinking #beinspired to create your natural skincare products, either for your brand or for your home.

Blend plant actives, essential oils, carrier oils and, a host of other natural ingredients to create skincare products that are truly unique.

home or brand

The beauty of our cosmetic bases is that whether you are a home enthusiast or an established brand, our cosmetics bases can work for you. Our customers range from those making at home for their family to large brands that buy many tonnes per month.

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