Posted by Danny Stanzl on 11th Feb 2022

New Reusable pouches, lower transport miles and environmental impact of your cosmetics

Reuse and save on waste

Since 2002, 5 Litre Jerry can's have been the mainstay of our business. Easy to carry and stack, the Jerry Can is the perfect tool for bulk sizes of aromatherapy products.

However, as we all work on lowering our environmental impact, the Jerry Can is an obvious target. Unfortunately, there is a lack of British Jerry Can manufacturers, so ours have come from the Netherlands for a long time.

Transporting, effectively air due to its size and weight is costly and has a high cost environmentally. For example, just 10,000 plastic Jerry Can's fill a complete HGV from the Netherlands. As a result, we have calculated the CO2 of each Jerry Can in transport miles is a terrible 17.5g!

We have been testing several solutions over the past 2 years. We started just before COVID, and unfortunately, it got put on the back burner during COVID, but now finally, we are ready with our solution, the reusable pouch.

99.93% decrease in CO2 related to transport

Although currently, we do not have a UK manufacturer for the pouch (we are working on it), the transport CO2 of a 5 Litre pouch is just 0.013g, an astonishing 99.93% decrease!

In addition, by establishing a reuse scheme, there is no additional CO2 in manufacture and recycling. The traditional Jerry Can was too cumbersome to offer a reuse scheme due to the bulky nature and costs incurred sending them back.

When you have finished with your pouches, simply return them to us in minimums of packs of 10 (they squash down really flat), and we will credit you back £0.50 per pouch to your online account.

In our testing, we have successfully posted and reused the same pouch 10x; we have developed a machine to wash them out and sterilise them on return to ensure cleanliness.

The benefits of the pouch

  • 99.93% Decrease in transport CO2
  • The reuse scheme ensures a closed-loop and zero waste
  • Less warehouse space is taken in storage, ensuring better availability
  • Easier to get all of the product out of the pouch by squeezing it than was previously possible with Jerry Cans
  • Reduced bulky waste for customers that are often limited on space

The disadvantages of the pouch

  • We have had to adapt our bottling machines, and filling is slower.
  • No options to fit a pump for dispensing

Returning your empty pouches for reuse

You can return your pouches (minimum of 10 per time, please to keep environmental impact low) to:

Unit 2 Mill Lane Trading Estate
Mill Lane

Please ensure you put the email address you used to purchase on the packaging so that we can credit your online account appropriately.