From Craft Business to Spa and Skincare Manufacturers

We offer different solutions for customers that are looking to place larger or resale orders, or our Craft Business customers that have grown out of the services that we offer at Naturallythinking retail.

With our dedicated website for our wholesale customers, you have options to allow Naturallythinking to seamlessly work alongside and support your business.

Therapists would be best served by our Therapist Discount scheme, details of which can be found by clicking here.

We supply all you need for your Spa or Hotel

Spas & Hotels

If you wish to use Naturallythinking products in your Spa or Hotel, then we can provide larger sizes, or retail pack sizes for use and for re-sale.

We also offer amenities for Hotels. We have passionate clients from individual Boutique Hotels to larger chains that offer their guests an immersive natural aromatherapy experience using our naturally formulated aromatherapy range.

If you are interested in our prices and the services we offer, then please email us ( with details of your Spa or Hotel and we will be in touch to open you an account on our wholesale site to browse.

Do you want to stock naturallythinking products


If you are looking at stocking Naturallythinking branded products in your store, then please contact us with details of your store ( and we will give you access to our online price list.

For stores we have a low minimum order, to keep you easily stocked.

At the end of 2018 we will have a range of promotional material to help you market Naturallythinking products in your shop.

We have the ingredients and formulated products to support your growing craft skincare business

Craft Skincare Business

We have a passion for Craft Skincare businesses and proud to support thousands of businesses with their base products and aromatherapy extracts across the UK, Europe and Asia.

If you are looking at ordering larger sizes than available on our retail site, we have additional discounts when ordering in bulk on all of our Cosmetic Bases, Oils and Extracts.

We have a range of pre-formulated products that can be bought in 25kg+ sizes, with all the paperwork ready to legally sell your product within the EU, ideal if you want to quickly get a product on the market.

Please contact us ( with details of your business, so that we can set you up with a wholesale account.