Hotels Local to Naturallythinking Skincare

Hotels to Suit All Budgets

The following map shows hotels that are local to Naturallythinking Training Courses. Hotels that are located on or close to Croydon Tramlink will make your journey to Naturallythinking in the morning easy. Our closest Tram Stop being Therapia Lane, which is just 2 minutes walk from.

Staying in Croydon Town Center

There is plenty of choice of restaurants and bars in Croydon Town Center and Easy Croydon Train Station has direct links to Gatwick (just 20 minutes on the Train), making it ideal for our visitors coming for Europe and further afield. 

We find that many attending the course meet up in Croydon in the evening and it can be a sociable face to make new friends with people that have the same interests.

The above links are given in good faith and we aren't promoting any particular hotel above. We have no relationships with any hotel, the hotels listed are for illustrative purposes only.

Map of Local Hotels