Aromatherapy Blending Bases

Cosmetic Bases for blending Aromatherapy and Skincare Products

Our creams are made in-house with natural oils and are paraben free.

They are suitable for the addition of essential oils, carrier oils , extracts and actives.

We produce our cosmetic bases in-house

We make our Cosmetic bases in Surrey, We 100% know what goes in every base ensuring provenance, quality and ethics

Our cosmetic bases are Vegan friendly, Not Tested on animals, Paraben and GMO Free.

Full Range of Sizes

From 100ml to 10,000 Litres, we have no minimum order. Our aromatherapy blending bases are used by enthusiasts, businesses and spas.

Easily sell the products you make legally

We have a range of CPSR services to get the products you make with our bases legal for sale quickly

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