Liquid Soap SLS Free

A silky and smooth sls free liquid soap made with natural glucosides and squalane to soften and cleanse the skin

Highly effective as a hand wash or shower gel formulations

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Liquid soap base is a popular base that can be used as a handwash or luxurious bodywash base.

Silky smooth, use alone on sensitive skin

Liquid soap base by naturallythinking is silky smooth and a luxurious experience for those that like their skincare plan and simple.

It just loves to be customised

Customise the liquid soap with essential oils, extracts and even carrier oils to make creamy and luxurious skincare.

Perfect for skin softening handwash

Naturallythinking liquid soap base makes the perfect handwash. Easily tailor to make beautifully fragrant and effective handwashes.

Liquid soap, from hand wash to body wash

Skin Suitability

Naturallythinking's SLS Free Liquid Soap caters to all skin types, ensuring a soft and nurturing experience for the whole family. Customise the Liquid Soap according to specific skin needs by adding carrier oils, essential oils, active ingredients, extracts and feel enhancers to enhance its effectiveness.

Directions for Blending

Measure out the required amount of liquid soap into a measuring beaker and stir in your favourite oils and actives.

The liquid soap base readily accepts oils, extract and actives, so is very eash to work with.


Naturallythinking hand wash blends well with all our oils, actives and extracts and is very resillient to changes in pH allowing you to formulate to your desired skincare effects.

Application Directions

Elevate your skincare routine with our versatile Liquid Soap. Whether you're looking to create luxurious body washes or a fragrant handwash, our liquid soap delivers exceptional results.

Using as a Hand Wash

For a premium handwashing experience, blend our Liquid Soap with fragrant and cleansing essential oils.

Whilst the list of possible additions is endless, popular actives and extracts are Squalane (improves skin feel), Bis-disglyceryl polyacylapidate-1 (Supersoft skin) or enhance the longevity of the scent by incorporating Farnesol into your mix, providing a long-lasting "hotel" feel after every wash.

Use as a Body Wash

Indulge in a pampering shower session by customising your body wash with oils and extracts. Formulate moisturising blends by adding vegetable-based oils for creaminess. Create bespoke fragrances by blending with essential oils or harness their therapeutic benefits.

Experience skin-loving care with Bisabolol, reducing skin irritation to make your blend ideal for sensitive skin. Elevate your skincare creations today!




Please see the Ingredients and Technical Tab below

Country of Origin

Proudly made by Naturallythinking, in the UK

pH value of Liquid Soap

5.5 - 6.5

Stability / Shelf Life

24 - 36

The above shelf life is based upon Naturallythinking SLS Free Liquid Soap without additional ingredients. The shelf life can be affected by the addition of ingredients. Adding oils which quickly go rancid can reduce the life expectancy of the product, whereas adding ingredients with natural preservative and anti-oxidant properties can prolong the life of the Liquid Soap.

Max Carrier Oil:
Max Essential Oil:
*Offered as a guidance only. Check individual oils compatibility, shelf life and if applicable EU Restrictions. Can support the addition of additives and natural actives.
Purpose of Product:
To cleanse and moisturise the skin
Neutral, slight odour
Skin properties:
Skin cleansing, skin conditioning, skin refatting and moisturising
Skin Type:
All, customisable with essential oils, oils, actives and extracts
Key Benefits:
Luxurious, moisturising, cleansing
HS Code:
HS Description:
Liquid Soap Cosmetic
HS Country:
HS Composition:


You can view the full ingredients by Clicking Here

Liquid Soap SLS Free Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Liquid Soap SLS Free The SDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Liquid Soap SLS Free Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Liquid Soap SLS Free The TDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Liquid Soap SLS Free Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Generate the certificate of analysis for your purchased product by entering your Batch Number which can be found on the packaging of your product.

Liquid Soap SLS Free Allergens Declaration

Generate an allergens declaration for your purchase (essential oils only)

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Liquid Soap SLS Free

    Posted by Margaret Wright on 13th Nov 2023

    Love this liquid soap, I can add my own essential oils. I use it as a bodywash; it leaves my skin clean and soft

  • 5
    Beautiful liquid soap

    Posted by Tracy Taylor on 16th Jul 2022

    I loved the texture and moisturising benefits of this liquid soap. Blended with lavender, it was beautiful, and the result were marvelous. A beautiful liquid soap to use with any essential oil of your choice, or use without additional blending. Either way, a lovely product. Created a lather that was gently cleansing leaving the skin comfortable, soft, and supple.