Massage Oils

Skin conditioning Aromatherapy Massage oils with therapeutic essential oils

Massage oil purity for Therapists, Spas and Enthusiasts

Therapists have trusted our Massage Oils for 20 years. Organic Essential Oils and Carrier Oils are at the heart of our beautiful Massage Oils to provide the perfect slip for massage, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. Massage Oil is Available from 300ml - 25 Litres and with a non-stain option.

We use coldpressed and Organic Oils

We create our massage oils with the finest plant oils, extracted with the best methods for skincare and effective massage

Loaded with skin conditioning Vitamin E

We add natural Vitamin E to ensure our massage oils smell great and condition your clients skin with natural antioxidant, anti-ageing rejuvenation

Packed full of freshness and purity

Fresh batches of massage oil are made daily to ensure every bottle of massage oil is as fresh as can be

enjoy our range of massage oils