We only make cosmetic products from natural ingredients that we know the provenance of

We produce Natural Aromatherapy and Skincare Products

Using the finest natural botanicals and extracts, grown at our fields on the Surrey Downs for purity and skin efficacy.

We have a passion for Producing Natural Skincare and Aromatherapy products which aren't only super natural in their origins, but effective in giving you wonderful skin and a rejuvenated mind.

Using botanical extracts, we take the natural properties of plants to renew, regenerate and revive and include them in our skincare products to produce highly effective, indulgent skincare products that give visible results to your skin, whilst maintaining our ethics of provenance and naturalness.

We are passionate about Aromatherapy

We are passionate about Aromatherapy

We have close relationships with growers throughout Europe and Asia and uniquely we grow our own Essential Oils and Botanicals in the UK

We have been supplying essential oils since 2000 and we have been involved with Lavender growing in the UK since 2004. In 2015 we planted our first fields for production of our own essential oils in the UK. We are currently growing Lavender, Peppermint, Sage, Basil, Chamomile, Thyme, Rosemary and our farm in Surrey.

Our experience in sourcing the finest oils from across Europe and Asia, coupled with our knowledge farming botanical oils and extracts makes us a unique Aromatherapy and Essential Oil supplier, offering you direct access to essential oils, cutting out the middle man, increasing freshness and provenance, we know where everything we sell came from.

In addition to our essential oils, we are currently cultivating and extracting over 100 different extracts from plants, from the humble Dandelion to Burdock Root, Echinacea and Calendula. The extracts and botanicals from these plants are used in the skincare products we produce and we also make these beautiful extracts available to other skincare brands to use in their products.

We manufacture cosmetic bases and cosmetic ingredients

Uniquely we manufacture all of our cosmetics in-house

Unlike other skincare and aroamtherapy companies, we produce all of our cosmetic bases and skincare products in-house. 

We feel it is important to know exactly what is in the skincare products we produce, so instead of contracting the manufacture out of our products out, we produce them all in-house at our factory in Beddington. Produced from 100% Raw Ingredients, Botanicals, Extracts and Actives our range of skincare products does exactly what it says and contains exactly what it says.

We produce both finished cosmetics and our range of Cosmetic Bases. Our Cosmetic bases allow you to tailor the product further by adding your own oils, actives and extracts. Our Cosmetic Bases can be used by individuals that wish to tailor their own skincare or companies that need a base they can trust to build their skincare brand upon.

Aromatherapy is at the core of everything we do

Environment, Ethics, Sustainability and 

As growers and importers of pure oils and botanicals we have an important reponsibility to the land, workers and environment. As producers of skincare, we produce with ethics and of course never use ingredients tested on animals. Our products have never been tested on animals.

Our close relationship with growers allows us to ensure that the way ingredients are grown respects both the environment and workers involved.

Many essential oils come from environmentally fragile landscapes (such as Patchouli grown on terraces in Indonesia) and it is important the soil is managed to stop erosion, to stop the subsequent risk to animal and human life. We work with growers that are passionate about quality but also are there for the long term and not quick money.

We do not buy Sandalwood from India, the crop being worth so much, it has been the subject of illegal trading and hardship. Despite government attempts at regulation, the situation has never been completely transparent. As a result, our Sandalwood comes from a beautiful plantation in Australia, where true Indian Sandalwood is grown in a sustainable and reliable way.

We have worked towards our entire in-house production process being energy efficient and self powering. By the end of 2019, we are aiming to produce all of the energy we require for production and growing by a combination of Solar Power, Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps.

Family run aromatherapy company

About Us, We are a family run business

We have always been a family run business. Founded by Danny Stanzl in 2000 in his Garage in Carshalton, we have been lucky to grow bigger. We have always stayed local, with our products being produced in neighbouring Beddington and our fields in Carshalton and Banstead.

We founded Naturallythinking on Aromatherapy. At the time, aromatherapy was portrayed as a dark and a slightly seedy product, we believed, and still do that Aromatherapy should be full of colour.

From the beginning we had one goal; to provide premium aromatherapy and aromatherapy skincare products at affordable prices. Using natural based products had meant accepting something "second best", companies didn't invest the time to research the benefits of natural ingredients and the brands in the High Street, that at first looked natural, were anything but.

Having worked for Nelsons (the people that make Rescue Remedy), Danny had experience in what could be acheived with natural ingredients and how, if used properly, you could substitute chemicals with beautiful natural alternatives that bring benefit to the skin and mind.

We remain a family run business, our passion goes into every product we produce. From our 3 year old that loves to help water the young plants in the greenhouse, to our Mum (who we dare not mention her age), that is responsible for the quality of every product that leaves our doors. Those that work for us become our family and we are proud that some of those that work with us have been here almost as long as us!

Our passion, enthusiasm and love for what we do grows everyday.