Closures & Caps

Closures and Caps

Closures and Caps

Industry standard sizes

Our Glass and Plastic bottles and jars have industry standard necks in order to have a wide compatibility with different closures. Select your closures from within our Closures and Caps section for the bottle / jar that you are purchasing

Recycle, Reuse

We use a combination of plastic and Aluminium closures. Our Plastic closures are all PP Plastic for maximum recyclability and our aluminium caps can be infinitely recycled

Packaging Stock

We are doing our best to maintain all stock levels during the COVID-19 pandemic, however some items due to shipping and production limitations are subject to delay. If there isn't a "buy" button, then the item is currently out of stock and we are working to restock as fast as possible.

Please Select the closure of for your cosmetic packaging from the options below