Rinse and Cleanse

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Indulge in our luxurious hand washes that bring the scent of the Spa to your home. infused with enchanting scents of natural botanics and pure essential oils. Treat your skin to a gentle cleanse, leaving it feeling soft and beautifully fragrant.

we grow the


At our Surrey Botanical farm we grow, harvest and distill over 30 different extracts for skincare use. From simple Nettle to our gorgeous Organic Geranium each extract or oil is grown for it's skincare benefit

vegan friendly


Of course our products are Vegan friendly, being superb for your skin using naturally grown ingredients. Many of which are grown by us at our botanical Farm on the South Downs, Surrey.

Soften Skin

Family Luxury

Beautifully Aromatic

aromatic apothecary


Organic Lavender grown by us at our Surrey Farm, the fragrant English Apothecary

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Stunning Hand Wash with our English Lavender & Geranium with a twist of Orange

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Naturally antibacterial Tea Tree with handpicked Nettles to soothe

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British Geraniums with Bitter Orange fill your bathroom with fragrant delight

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A classic Spa scent with beautiful Lemongrass and our British Rosemary

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Saffron grown at our Farm to soften skin with fragrant Orange

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A spicy mix of Clove and Mandarin with 2% oleate for ultimate skin softness

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