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Numerous studies have found that the big give away sign of your age can be your hands. After the face, hands are the second most visible tell-tell sign of ageing. Healthy, moisturised hands will not only keep you looking young, but will make day to day tasks easier.

Our beautiful hand creams use natural ingredients such as Squalane extracted from Olives to impart super softness, whilst Jojoba protect and moisturises. The Lavenders and Peppermints found in our hand creams are grown, harvested, distilled and extracted at our Surrey Farm to give the finest quality ingreidents.

Crafted with our Organically grown Lavender from our farm and beautiful natural Jojoba, this everyday hand cream is ideal for use by the whole family. Beautifully fragrant and kind to all hands.

Give yourself a treat!

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vegan friendly


Of course our products are Vegan friendly, being superb for your skin using naturally grown ingredients. Many of which are grown by us at our botanical Farm on the South Downs, Surrey.

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Our most popular cream, Our Peppermint and Lavender Foot Cream, brings quick relief for tired feet. Loved by all, it is a family essential for a bit of foot relief and pamper

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our range of


Antibacterial and antifungal repairing foot balm

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Super Cooling bringing instant relieft to hot, tired feet

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A treat for hard working hands. Beautifully fragrant and quickly moisturising

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Heaven for your feet, if you are on your feet a lot, this is the foot cream for you

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A super rich hand cream that is intensely moisturising. Made with the Lavender from our farm

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Beautifully fragrant day cream that gives your skin protection

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An overnight restorative hand cream, that helps restore your hands whilst you sleep

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