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Climbazole is a white Crystalline Powder used as a very effective anti-dandruff agent

Climbazole is a white crystalline powder used as a very effective anti-dandruff agent, specifically tackling the fungus Malaseezia furfur the primary cause of dandruff. Climbazole is 100% natural and a Very Effective Anti-Dandruff Agent.


A powerful anti-dandruff active with a long history of successful use. Climbazole provides excellent activity against the main cause of dandruff, Malassezia species. Climbazole is suitable for both leave-on and rinse-off hair care formulations.

Climbazole provides no formation of coloured complexes with metal ions which cause discoloration in formulations. It has good compatibility with perfume oils and other commonly used hair care raw materials and is soluble in alcohol, glycols, surfactants and certain perfume oils. It's stable in acid and neutral pH ranges and not hygroscopic (does not absorb water from the air). Climbazole has excellent light, heat and storage stability.

Products to use in

Climbazole is primarily aimed at haircare products where the anti-dandruff properties are renowned for their effectiveness. Climbazole however is found in some eczema treatments for its antifungal properties.

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is the shedding of excessive amounts of dead skin cells from the scalp. Around 40% of the caucasian population suffer with the itchy, annoying and persistent skin disorder of the scalp. Although a minor problem, it can be very annoying and embarrassing.

There is no cure for dandruff, only control, Climbazole is an effective control

How to Use Climbazole

It has good compatibility with perfume oils and other commonly used hair care raw materials and is soluble in alcohol, glycols, surfactants and certain perfume oils. It's stable in acid and neutral pH ranges and not hygroscopic, has excellent light, heat and storage stability.

In-vivo efficacy tests have shown the effectiveness of Climbazole in anti-dandruff formulations

The extract is suitable for use in both O/W Emulsions and W/O Emulsions

Add to Naturallythinking Hair Care Bases

Climbazole anti dandruff ingredient can be used directly in Naturallythinking Hair Care bases at 0.5% to provide anti-dandruff properties. Climbazole can be added to a Naturallythinking base by first mixing with propylene glycol (or any glycol) and then mixing your glycol and climazole blend into the Naturallythinking Hair Care base.

Usage Amount

Usage Level: 0.5 – 1% (Rinse off products), 0.1% - 0.3% (Leave on Products) These are maximum levels as defined under EU Cosmetic Regulations.

Please keep up to date with EU Regulations before using in a commercial product.

Formulation Guidelines


  • Benzyl alcohol (approx) - 55%
  • Ethanol (96%) - 50%
  • Phenoxyethanol - 40%
  • Ethoxydiglycol - 30%
  • Propylene Glycol - 30%
  • Butylene Glycol - 30%
  • Dipropylene Glycol - 30%
  • Certain perfume oils - 50%

Climbazole is soluble in alcohol, glycols, surfactants and perfume oils but, is insoluble in water.

Processing Tricks & Tips

  • Climbazole dissolves fast at elevated temperatures
  • Climbazole is stable in formulations at pH 4 -7



Country of Origin



Climbazole should not be applied undiluted to the skin and the maximum usage levels above should not be exceeded.

You should always wear gloves when working with Climbazole and not make contact with the skin.

Keep away from children do not take internally seek advice when using on children/infants *do not exceed safe dosage levels unless qualified, always observe country specific regulations. if in doubt consult a qualified practitioner before using.

Buy Climbazole Online

You can buy climbazole online in 10g, 50g, 100g and 1kg pack sizes

Blends Well With:
Use in haircare products as an effective control for dandruff
Do not apply undiluted to the skin. Keep Away from Children. Do not take internally. Seek Advice when using on Children / Infants. Always wear gloves when using. Check country specific laws on usage.
Country of Origin:
Latin Name:
Traditional Physical Properties:
Anti-Dandruff, Anti-fungal
Plant Extract
Key Benefits:
Anti Dandruff
Traditional Emotional Use:
Traditional Skin Use:


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Climbazole MSDS

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