Arnica Gel

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The cooling relief of Arnica, Aloe Vera & English Peppermint

Arnica Gel

A fresh and cool gel, prepared from Arnica montana. Recognised for centuries for its healing properties Arnica is combined with pure Aloe Vera & Fresh Peppermint to bring cooling relief. Ideal for use in the Summer or holiday.

Skin Suitability

Suitable for all skin types, but especially useful for dry skin

Application Directions

Legs, Arms & Feet

Apply one pump of Arnica gel and gently smooth across the desired area. When the area is covered do not attempt to rub the gel in, but allow the gel to naturally soak into the skin for maximum benefit.


Feet can benefit immensely from Arnica Gel, the natural cooling action of Peppermint brings immediate relief and you will feel a natural cooling action. Apply the Gel across the whole of the foot (clean feet are best) and gently smooth over, there is no need to rub in as the natural formula will absorb. If replacing socks after application, allow 2 minutes for the Gel to be completely absorbed. Arnica Gel is the ideal companion for long walks, cycles or if you spend the day on your feet.


Arnica Gel can be used on the face and we like to use it in the summer as an after sun, where the cooling relief and natural effects of Peppermint, Aloe & Arnica can do wonders. Smooth over the face and allow to dry naturally. Allow at least 2 minutes before applying make up. Avoid the eyes and the immediate area around the eyes as the Peppermint in the Gel can bring a tear or two.


Children should never be left alone with Arnica products

Arnica products are suitable for the whole family aged 3 and upwards

Do not use when pregnant or breast-feeding

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients

Store below 25c for maximum efficiency of the Arnica

Not suitable for the immediate area around the eyes

Do not apply to broken skin

Always read the label

This product does not take the place of medical treatment, consultation or products If swallowed seek immediate medical attention This product contains Sea Buckthorn and therefore care should be taken as discoloration of linens and skin is possible due to the rich and nutritious properties of the oil.

Fresh and Peppermint Like
Skin Properties:
Soothing Arnica for Bumps and Bruises with Cooling Peppermint
Skin Type:
All Skin Types
Key Benefits:
Bumps & bruises


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Arnica Gel MSDS

Arnica Gel MSDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Arnica Gel

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