Aloe Vera & Rose Gel - Skin Hydration Gel

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Aloe Vera & Rose Gel

Pure Aloe Vera with Bulgarian Rose to help soothe reddened, hot flush prone and sun damaged skin

Blemish & Skin Reddening Relief

Our anti-oxidant base of Aloe Vera combined with Bulgarian Rose Essential oil and hydrolat to create a beautifully fragrant and ever popular Rose & Aloe Gel. Bulgarian Rose has a yellow / orange colour and this gives the Aloe & Rose Gel its very vibrant and characteristic colour.

With a high percentage of Aloe Vera & Pure Bulgarian Rose, Rose & Aloe Gel is pure bliss in a jar. The antioxidant, healing properties of Aloe are combined with the anti reddening properties of Rose which not only make it a great skin care product but the beautiful natural fragrance means you don't even need any perfume. The product is suitable for use by those who suffer from hot flushes.

Skin Suitability

Effective on all skin types, but especially suitable for older skin or skin prone to reddening and hot flushes.

Application Directions

Use neat on all areas of the skin, to help with reddened skin or simply to cool and tone. Apply a small amount, spread with your finger tips and allow the skin to naturally absorb.

Gentle and Floral Rose
Skin Properties:
Helps soothe reddened skin either through exposure or through hot flushes
Skin Type:
Dry to Normal
Key Benefits:
Reddened skin


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Aloe Vera & Rose Gel - Skin Hydration Gel MSDS

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Aloe Vera & Rose Gel - Skin Hydration Gel

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