Aloe & Lavender Gel - Skin Hydration Gel

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Aloe Vera & Lavender Gel

Cooling, Soothing and Extremely antiseptic with a natural restoring formula, ideal for burns, cuts, grazed skin and blemishes

Ideal for burns, cuts and grazes

Cooling & Soothing skin hydration with fast relief from problem skin areas. Made with pure Aloe Vera and a Naturallythinking Blend of Bulgarian, French and English Lavenders.

Ideal for direct application on to burns, cuts and grazes, the natural antiseptic effects of Lavender help restore the skin whilst aloe Vera gently soothes and protects.

Skin Suitability

The cooling Aloe and Lavender make it ideal for irritable and dry skin and perfect for use as an aftersun. The cooling Aloe will bring immediate relief and Lavender helps immensely with the repair of the skin after exposure to the sun.

An essential in the summer for use on insect bites, Lavender helps to relive the itch with its natural antiseptic action.

Application Directions

Lavender Hydrating Gel is best applied to clean skin though occasionally due to circumstance this may not be possible, the antiseptic actions of Lavender will help to clean and kill and bacteria infection in the skin.

Apply to dry to damp skin and gently smooth over the desired area. The gel will be absorbed by the skin easily and fast without leaving any sticky residue.

After applying Hydrating gel you can then apply moisture cream, but always allow the gel to completely soak into the skin. Hydrating Gel is safe for use all over the body including the face & neck areas.


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Aloe & Lavender Gel - Skin Hydration Gel MSDS

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Aloe & Lavender Gel - Skin Hydration Gel

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