Demerara sugar 100% Pure for Cosmetics

Demerara Sugar 100% pure and unrefined making it perfect for cosmetic use.

Use in sugar scrubs, just by adding oil and Vitamin E

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100% Pure Demerara Sugar for use in cosmetic products

Only Pure Dememara Sugar for use in cosmetic products

When making cosmetic products such as Sugar Scrubs with sugar, it is important to use only 100% Pure Demerara sugar in your product.

The majority of sugars you find on the High Street or online have additional ingredients, bulking agents or processing techniques that the manufacturers aren't obliged to tell you when used as a foodstuff.

These processes can interfere with your final product and also not make it possible to legally label your product as you do not know all of the ingredients that make you your sugar.

Demerara sugar is the least abrasive of all sugars making it suitable for use multiple times per week.

We have sourced a 100% Pure Demerara sugar that is perfect for Cosmetic formulation. 100% Pure, 100% Natural, GMO Free and Vegan Friendly and rich in Glycolic acid.

Creating a Sugar Scrub

The benefits of a Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrubs are great for exfoliating your skin, removing dead skin cell and lifting away excess dirt and oil. Combined with the correct ingredients that can help stimulate your circulation and provide gentle moisturisation.

Sugar naturally contains Glycolic acid which helps to dissolve dead skin cells and is a gentle humectant that will not strip your skin of its oils. Sugar scrubs tend to be more effective and less harsh that salt based scrubs.

Use demerara sugar in your Sugar scrub recipes. It is least abrasive of all sugars and therefore is suitable for use several times per week without damaging your skin.

Putting together your Sugar Scrub

Place a cup of Sugar in a suitable size container and cover in oil. It is best to add a tablespoon at a time, mixing in between. For a cup of Sugar you will normally add around 5 tablespoons to produce a sandy mix. Do not add too much oil otherwise you will start to make the sugars dissolve and will not get the full benefit of a sugar scrub.

You can use any oil of your choice. We like to use a combination of Sunflower, Jojoba and Sea buckthorn to produce a rich body oil that moisturises and repairs with a beautiful orange glow. The choice of oils however is yours, depending upon your skin and your own favourites.

Adding essential oils can fragrance the Sugar scrub, to make the experience Spa like as well as impart the skin benefits of the essential oils that you are using. Citrus oils are invigorating and reviving, floral oils can make you feel indulgent and soothing.

There is no need to add a preservative, though adding Vitamin E can help add antioxidant properties and extend the shelf life of your sugar scrub. If you have added essential oils, we would always recommend the use of Vitmin E to stop your sugar scrub from going rancid.

Using your Sugar Scrub

A sugar scrub is best to use after showering or bathing. Pat your skin dry and then rub in circular motions all over your body and rinse off well. When used in the bath, you can have the additional benefit of enjoying the sugars and oils on your skin whilst you soak.

Key Benefits:
Exfoliates, Moisturises, contains glycolic acid to accelerate skin regeneration


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Demerara sugar 100% Pure for Cosmetics The TDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

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