Posted by Danny Stanzl on 22nd Dec 2019

Macadamia Deodorising Foot Treatment

Purpose of the Product:

To deodorise feet and providing a lubricating massage cream that is easy to use by the therapist and brings soothing relief to the client, moisturising cracked and tired feet.


The following recipe will make you slightly under 1 Litre of product. 


  • Scales
  • 2 x Mixing Beaker
  • Bottle / Jar for Final Product Packaging

Mixing Instructions

  1. Weigh 700g of Naturallythinking Base Cream into a beaker (Beaker A)
  2. Weigh all of your other ingredients into a separate beaker (Beaker B) and stir thoroughly to mix all of the ingredients together, it doesn't matter which order they are incorporated into the beaker.
  3. When fully mixed, add your contents of Beaker B to Beaker A stirring continuously to ensure the ingredients are completely mixed.


The nature of the product makes a jar the easiest way to package, though with patience and a funnel it can be put into bottles.

Purchasing the Ingredients

You can purchase the ingredients for this recipe by following the links below

Legal Disclaimer
If you were to use this recipe to produce products for commercial resale, you would require both a Stability and Preservative Efficacy Test (PET)to legally sell. You are responsible for checking your local rules and laws. We make no warranty for the suitability, efficacy or ability of this recipe to pass a PET or Stability. It is intended as a suggestion on how to blend oils in Cosmetic Bases. Always patch test before applicaiton.