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Absolutes produced from rare oils, high quality and premium

Used in perfumery and aromatherapy for their quality

Highly concentrated and aromatic the oil mixture is extracted from the plant. Essential oils can typically be produced through steam distillation whilst absolutes require the use of solvent extraction techniques and enfleurage.

Absolutes are extracted using organic solvents to maintain their purity

An Organic Solvent Such as Hexane extracts the divine scent

This solution is filtered and concentrated by distillation to produce a waxy mass called concrete. The lower molecular weight, fragrant compounds are extracted from the concrete into ethanol. When the ethanol evaporates, an oil (the absolute) is left.

This leads to high quality extraction without altering the plants natural scent or compound and because it takes very little heat compared to steam distillation it does not alter the characteristics or scent of the oil and is thus preferable for high end oils such as Rose and Jasmine.

Why don't we steam distill absolutes, why are they extracted with organic solvent

Why are these oils not steam distilled like essential oils?

Both Jasmine and Rose are very delicate. Steam distillation, though possible tends to "burn" the essential oil.

When you steam distill these oils, there is always a "burnt" undertone. This is why it is preferable to extract the scent by Organic Solvent (absolute) to obtain the purest and most delicate scent.

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