Cosmetic Product Safety Report CPSR

Sell Legally

When you buy our ingredients and want to sell the products you create, you require a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) under EU Law. We can help you or point you in the right direction to make this easy for you

Which Cosmetic Product Safety Report?

My Product Doesn't Contain any Water

If you make your product using Oils, Butters and Waxes from Naturallythinking and up to 2% Essential Oil and 2% Actives we can produce your legal paperwork (CPSR) for you very quickly and affordably without expensive testing. Click to find out more

My Product Contains Water

If your product contains water, then you will require a Preservative Efficacy Test. This isn't a test we offer at Naturallythinking. There are a number of companies that offer this testing. Many of our customers use Oxford Biosciences as they offer an excellent service at affordable prices

My Product is made from a NT Base

If you make your product using Naturallythinking Cosmetic Bases and add less than 5% Carrier Oil, 2% Essential Oil and 2% Actives we can produce your legal paperwork (CPSR) for you very quickly and affordably without expensive testing. Click to find out more

Expiry Date

Products using our Cosmetic Product Safety Report Service will be given a 12 month expiry date. If you require a date longer than this, you will need to perform an accelerated Stability Test. To find out more information on this test and whether you require it please click here

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Have you Seen our Zero Waste Products?

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Our Zero Waste products allow you to create a ready made product off of the Shelf. We do the blending and you purchase in 5 Litre Containers which you can then either sell directly to your customers or decant into your own packaging. You can obtain a CPSR for these product by selecting the option "My Product is made from a NT Base"

Skin Balm with 100% Natural Ingredients

60% Shea Butter

Rich in natural fatty acids to moisturise and protect the skin

30% Natural Cocoa Butter

The beautiful scent of natural Cocoa Butter

10% Cold - Pressed Olive

Add a little (0.2%) Natural Vitamin E will give some antioxidant properties

A popular recipe for making a lovely Shea and Cocoa Butter skin Balm. Simply double boil the butters and oils. Blend whilst cooling and then pour into your favourite Jars

Ready to go Skincare Recipes

Avocado Hair Conditioner

A super moisturising hair treatment with amazing Cold Pressed Virgin Avocado that makes it a vibrant Green

Macadamia Foot Deodorise

Ideal for use by massage therapists, bring much needed relief to your clients sore feed, whilst deodorising

Strong Cuticle Butter

Brittle nails and tired looking fingers not only are a tell tale sign of age, they can cause pain and discomfort

Voice of our Expert

Thomas Brooks

"Don't be scared of the testing required to get your product to market. When you purchase all your ingredients from Naturallythinking, we have made the process really simple and quick"