Get a Cosmetic Product Safety Report Quickly (CPSR) and Easily online

If you create a product to sell within the UK or EU you require a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR). Provided you purchase all of your ingredients from Naturallythinking we can produce a CPSR for you*.

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My Product doesn't contain any water

If you make your product using Oils, Butters and Waxes from Naturallythinking and up to 2% Essential Oil and 2% Actives we can produce your legal paperwork (CPSR) for you very quickly and affordably without expensive testing.

My Product is made from a Naturallythinking Base

If you make your product using Naturallythinking Cosmetic Bases and add less than 5% Carrier Oil, 2% Essential Oil and 2% Actives we can produce your legal paperwork (CPSR) for you very quickly and affordably without expensive testing.

My Product contains water (including floral waters)

*If your product contains water (and isn't a Naturallytihnking Cosmetic Base), then you will require a Preservative Efficacy Test. This isn't a test we offer at Naturallythinking. There are a number of companies that offer this testing. Many of our customers use Oxford Biosciences as they offer an excellent service at affordable prices

More about our Comsetic Product Safety Report Service (CPSR)

Can I have multiple variations on one CPSR?

The EU law is quite specific that you cannot have multiple variations on one CPSR, thus the answer is No. Each product formulation requires a new CPSR

Can I add any ingredients that aren't from Naturallythinking?

All of the ingredients have to be supplied by Naturallythinking. We have a lot of data and testing on all of our ingredients and thus, this allows us to produce your CPSR quickly and accurately. There are only two exceptions, Sodium chloride (Salt) and Corn Starch in bath bombs. If you require other ingredients, we recommend Oxford Biosciences

Do I have to add Vitamin E?

If you have essential oils in your blend, then adding Vitamin E stops the essential oils oxidising and thus making your product go rancid. We insist that Vitamin E is added at a minimum of 0.2% in every formulation containing essential oils to pass IFRA guidelines. You can add either natural or synthetic Vitamin E and don't forget many of our bases already have Vitamin E added.

Are there any restrictions of essential oils?

There are restrictions and in common use, you will not exceed these levels. However two essentail oils are especially regulated under EU law (Rose and Ylang Ylang). The maximum level of Rose in leave on products is 0.006% and wash off 0.03. Ylang Ylang is a little less strict, please see the product page for more details.

What happens if my formulation exceeds safe limits?

We will lower the levels of the essential oils to the maximum permissable amount. For example of you had 1% Ylang Ylang in a leave on formulation then it would be lowered to 0.4%.

If you forget to add Vitamin E, we will add Vitamin E into your formulation and lower the percentage of the key ingredient in your formulation.

What if I want to change my CPSR in the future?

CPSR's remain valid until there is either a change in EU / UK government regulations or changes in you formulation / details.

All changes require you to submit and pay for a change via the "change my CPSR' option online. We are unable to make amendments to CPSR's more than 24 months old.

Testing with water in your product

If your product contains water (excluding our Cosmetic Bases) then you will require a Preservative Efficacy Test (PET). This is a service we no longer offer (due to the costs of small scale testing). Oxford Biosciences offer an excellent service for PET Testing. Water includes Floral Waters, Witchazel and Aloe Vera Water.

When the UK leaves the EU

A the moment, it isn't entirely clear as to what will happen. If you are in the UK, then we presume that the government will adopt EU Regulations in the short term, so any existing CPSR will be valid in the UK and it will be for the EU to determine whether existing CPSR's produced in the UK are valid in the EU. We will update our guidance as any future law becomes available. Like many things at the moment awaiting Brexit negotiations, nothing is guaranteed.

How long does it take to produce a CPSR?

We aim to produce all CPSR's with 10 working days. If there are questions or problems in your original submission, this can increase the length of time, so please ensure your formulas add up to 100%, you have only used Naturallythinking ingredients and that you have heeded the guidance o

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Our Zero Waste products allow you to create a ready made product off of the Shelf. We do the blending and you purchase in 5 Litre Containers which you can then either sell directly to your customers or decant into your own packaging. You can obtain a CPSR for these product by selecting the option "My Product is made from a NT Base"

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Add a little (0.2%) Natural Vitamin E will give some antioxidant properties

A popular recipe for making a lovely Shea and Cocoa Butter skin Balm. Simply double boil the butters and oils. Blend whilst cooling and then pour into your favourite Jars

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Avocado Hair Conditioner

A super moisturising hair treatment with amazing Cold Pressed Virgin Avocado that makes it a vibrant Green

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