Refreshing Cucumber Face Wash

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A refreshing Cucumber Face Wash produced with Organic Cucumbers from Sutton Community Farm. Cucumbers provide refreshment, clarify skin tone and give complexion rejuvenation.

Cucumber Face Wash

This is an extra-ordinary face wash, that is refreshing to your skin and senses. Cucumbers are renowned for their Complexion Rejuvenation and skin clarifying properties, so we haven't skimped with Cucumber content... over 30% in every bottle!

Sutton Community Farm are an Organic Farm run by the Community in Surrey / South LondonWhat's more the Cucumbers are 100% Organic and grown at Sutton Community Farm (our farming neighbours) for purity, refreshness and local sustainability. These are special Cucumbers, they're not like your shop bought ones, the vibrant green skin and inner colours illustrating their Vitamin rich mineral content.

To really create a very special Face Wash, we've combined Organic Aloe Vera and some beautiful natural coconut Esthers that add sublime skin softening properties to leave your complexion vibrant and clear.

Want to know more about Sutton Community Farm?

Organic Cucumbers rich in natural colour vitamins and minerals from Sutton Community FarmSutton Community Farm is a community-owned farm. They started in 2010 in response to community need with the purpose to increase access to fresh, healthy, sustainable food and provide a shared space for people to cultivate skills, get exercise and make new friends. Their farm sits on a beautiful 7.1 acre smallholding with views towards the skyline of central London and next door to our new Telegraph Track premises.

They deliver Organic Veg boxes, delivered straight to your door in the South London and Surrey area. For more details please visit their website at


Ideal for all skin types to remove the toxins and pollutants of the day and provide refreshing softness to your skin.


Sutton Community Farm Organic CucumbersGently wet your skin and apply the foaming face wash to your finger tips.

In a circular motion work across your face, starting with your nose and working out to the extremities.

Apply little pressure when applying, just allow your fingers to glide the foam over you skin. For best results follow with a Naturallythinking toner and moisturiser.

Watch our Video on how we make Cucumber Face Wash

Skin Properties:
Gives a glowing complexion, clears the skin of daily pollution and provides softness and suppleness
Skin Type:
All Skin Types
Key Benefits:
Complexion Rejuvenating


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Refreshing Cucumber Face Wash MSDS

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Refreshing Cucumber Face Wash

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