Monoi De Tahiti Double Whipped Body Butter

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Monoi de Tahiti Double Whipped Body Butter

The natural scent of a thousand Monoi flowers, anti-oxidant White Tea and a Cocoa, Shea butter blend for aged and mature skin

Anti Ageing Gardenia

Monoi has a beautiful scent which is evocative and self indulgent, however it is for its rich rich properties that we use Monoi in our Body Butters.

Monoi is naturally produced by steeping the flowers of the Gardenia plant in Coconut to extract the therapeutic aroma, minerals vitamins and Omegas. We take this extracted Butter and combine our blend of Double whipped Cocoa and Shea Butters along with Anti-oxidant White Tea to make a skin loving Butter which is nourishing, replenishing and rejuvenating.

Skin Suitability

Suited to all skin types, but particularly aged and dry skin.

Monoi de Tahiti is traditionally used to combat the signs of ageing and the plant is steeped in history for its anti-wrinkle and therapeutic properties.

Monoi makes creates a natural protective barrier for the skin, making it suitable for use during the winter to protect from weather extremes.

Application Directions

Apply to clean skin, Gardenia Body Butter can be applied to slightly damp or dry skin. Smooth a small amount of the butter over the skin, allowing the rich formula to naturally soak into the skin without too much pressure.

Coconut and Gardenia... classic scent
Skin Properties:
Antioxidant skin protection and regeneration with White Tea, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Monoi de Tahiti to replenish your skins suppleness
Skin Type:
Dry / Aged / Mature Skin Types
Key Benefits:


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Monoi De Tahiti Double Whipped Body Butter MSDS

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Monoi De Tahiti Double Whipped Body Butter

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