Marine Collagen Body Butter

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Marine Collagen Body Butter

Anti ageing Collagen Body Butter with natural skin peptides to renew and rejuvenate your skin, helping reduce the visibility of wrinkles and tighten skin

Elasticity Promotion, Anti-Wrinkle

Marine Collagen with pure stimulating Mandarin and Violet leaf to encourage your skin to produce natural Collagen which aids healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin. Collagen is the essential building block of youthful looking skin.

Visible Skin Improvement

Without collagen your skin loses the elasticity and vibrancy we associate with youth and with great looking skin. The natural collagen peptide is hydrolised allowing your skin to quickly and effectively absorb the collagen and with daily use you will soon see a visible difference in your skins tone and texture.

Skin Suitability

Marine Collagen body butter is suitable for all skin types, old and young.

As we get older, the skins natural ability to produce collagen is reduced and our collagen body butter uses Marine derived collagen to help aid the skin in it's natural repair and defense as it gets older and damaged. Collagen plays a vital part in the skins natural, healthy appearance and elasticity and it is the loss of collagen as we get older that causes wrinkles and dull skin.

Application Directions

Use after cleansing your body for best results.

Starting at the bottom of your body working the body butter in a upward motion start smoothing the skin over with a thin layer of body butter allowing the skin to absorb the natural Collagen, to help tone the skin and improve texture.

Use in conjunction with other Naturallythinking skincare products which are tailored to your skin type, for best results.

Marine Collagen by Naturallythinking

Fresh, Citrus Like
Skin Properties:
Collagen renewing with natural Marine Collagens and Elastins to promote Collagen production in your skin for a healthy vibrant body
Skin Type:
All skin types, works wonders on dry, damaged, wrinkled skin
Key Benefits:
Skin Elasticity Boost


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Marine Collagen Body Butter MSDS

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Marine Collagen Body Butter

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