Face Wash SLS Free

Naturallythinking Face Wash Base for smooth silk, refreshed and glowing skin. Use alone on sensitive skin or tailor with the addition of essential oils and actives

GMO Free Skincare Vegan Friendly Skincare Paraben free cosmetic Cruelty Free Skincare natural skincare Skincare made in Britain

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Face wash base for smooth, silky and glowing skin. Use alone on sensitive skins or tailor with essential oils and actives

Face Wash

Experience the indulgence of our silky smooth face wash as it glides over your skin on application, instantly bringing a smooth and silky feel and a vibrant glow.

Face Wash is a real favourite with all of our customers because it is just so indulgent and effective.

Many people just use shower gel on their face, however the face is a sensitive area and shower gel can just be a little too 'industrial' for the facial areas.

Naturallythinking face wash is made to gently wash and restore, so that your face is left feeling silky smooth and naturally cleansed.

Adding Plant Extracts to our Face Wash Base

Skin Suitability

Effective for all skin types, can be tailored with the addition of essential oils.

Application Directions

Gently wet your face with clean warm water, then take a single pump of face wash (around a pea size amount) and gently lather across the face, letting the silky texture of the face wash moisturise and cleanse at once.

Rinse with clean warm water.

Directions for Blending

Blend with essential oils at a maximum of 2.5%, you shouldn't use anymore than this on facial areas, due to the more sensitive nature of the skin.

We do not advise using carrier oils in this base as they will separate over time and will add very little in terms of effectiveness of the wash on your face.

Fragrance oils (as opposed to essential oils) can also be used in our bases, although as we only use natural essential oils we do not sell synthetic Fragrance Oils.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

pH Value of Product



Aqua, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf extract, Glycerin, Caprylyl / capryl glucoside, Cocamidiopropyl betaine, Xanthan gum, Phenoxyethanol, Citric acid, Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate

Please see technical tab below for full details

Shelf Life

12 - 18 Months

Shelf life will depend upon the ingredients you add. Adding oils which quickly go rancid can reduce the life expectancy of the product, whereas adding oils with natural long life can extend the product life further by enhancing the natural preservative system.

Skin Properties:
Cleaning and Refreshing use alone on sensitive skin or tailor with the addition of essential oils, carrier oils and natural actives
Skin Type:
Normal Skin
Key Benefits:
Refreshing Cleanse
HS Code:
HS Description:
Face Wash Cosmetic
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Face Wash SLS Free Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Face Wash SLS Free The SDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

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Face Wash SLS Free The TDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

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Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Perfecting face wash

    Posted by Rosie Henderson on 8th Mar 2024

    I have been using this in the morning for a few years. Also NT face cleanser and face cream base for a few years, adding in different essential oils as appropriate. They are very easy to use and have helped give me flawless skin, my therapist compliments me on it as being pore less. I rarely give reviews and the products merit it.

  • 5
    Face Wash SLS Free

    Posted by Margaret Wright on 13th Nov 2023

    I love this face wash; I can add the essential oils I want to; which makes it feel special. It always leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.