Using and Blending with Climbazole

Posted by Danny Stanzl on 8th Oct 2019

As somebody that naturally suffers with Dandruff, I really wanted to give our Climbazole a try, to ascertain just how effective it can be

Blending the Climbazole

The first time you try blending Climbazole it is a little complicated, it isn't quite as easy as those ingredients that are just water or oil soluble.

As I was at home, I decided to use a little Vodka to solubilise the Climbazole. If I were at work, I may have used Propylene glycol or pure Ethanol depending upon the final application.

I found a little heat really does make the glycol more soluble in it's carrier and then easier to blend into your final product. In my case, I am using Naturallythinking SLS Free Shampoo Base.

After warming for just 15 seconds in the Microwave, the Climbazole was easily dispersed using a spoon. I used an egg cup as I was just making a small batch to add to a small amount of Shampoo.

Finally I simply poured the Climbazole and alcohol mixture in with my Shampoo base and the mixture vigorously.

I got a little help mixing the Climbazole together with some rather vigorous and enthusiastic shaking!

Using the Climbazole Shampoo

I decided to keep it simple at first and not add any essential oils or other feel enhancers, simply using the base SLS Free Shampoo and Climbazole blend.

I tried a little on my hand at first and was pleased with the results. I personally feel that the Climbazole increased the foaminess of the Shampoo and added a little more flash foam.

Using on my hair was just like any conventional shampoo, however i felt it did slightly enhance the normal effects of the SLS Free shampoo with the increase in initial flash foam. The shampoo washed out easily without residue and immediately my scalp felt a little calmer.

I suffer quite a lot with my scalp and it always feels like I have a mild burn or itch, the immediate after effects of this Climbazole Shampoo made the burn feel a lot more mild though when I looked in the mirror my scalp did look a little reddened. Even after just one wash the dandruff was decreased considerably, so I don't know whether this reddening was in part the removal of the dandruff from my scalp.

Longer term effects of the Climbazole Shampoo

I have now been using the Climbazole shampoo for 3 weeks and I am really pleased with the effects. From a personal point of view the mild burn and itchiness have gone and my confidence has increased as I am now able to wear darker colour jumpers and t-shirts, not conscious all the time that the flaky dandruff will show up on my clothing.

I will continue to monitor it's effectiveness. I want to stop using it to see if it comes back, but I am also enjoying the effects of being dandruff free.

Possible enhancements

I feel adding a Bisabolol would help enhance the anti-irritant abilities of the Shampoo. I have added Chamomile, Lavender and Farnesol to my later blends to make the Shampoo a little more soothing. These enhancements have left my hair smelling wonderful.

I will be playing with the addition of gyceryl oleate to improve the refatting properties of the shampoo now that my dandruff is under control, to enhance the final appearance of my hair.

Overall opinion of Climbazole

Overall I am exceptionally happy with the results of the Climbazole. I definitely will be formulating a Shampoo from scratch with Climbazole as it is a wonderful ingredient.

Small Print

These are my experiences of using Climbazole in Naturallythinking SLS Free Shampoo Base, this isn't a controlled experiment or held with a quantifiable control. It is based upon my personal subjective feel of the Climbazole. Always observe maximum usage levels and good manufacture / housekeeping during your production.

Purchasing Climbazole

You can Purchase Climbazole online by clicking here