Banish & Blemish Face Mask

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Tough on Blemishes and Pimples, Blemish Face Mask is deep cleanse of your skins pores to fight blemishes and pimples without drying your skin.

Banish & Blemish Face Mask

Look great everyday with our Blemish Face Mask. Use a few hours before a big night out, or twice a week for maintenance. Naturallythinking Blemish Face Mask will keep your skin in great condition all week.

Skin Suitability

Suitable for skin that is susceptible to Spots, Blemishes and Pimples.

Application Directions

Applying a face mask is both a rewarding and enjoyable experience, bringing a Spa Treatment to your home. Follow these tips to maximise the benefits and enjoyment of your Face Mask.


If you are clothed, make sure you wear clothing that you do not mind getting a bit dirty, applying a mask can be a little messy. If you have long hair and do not want to wash your hair after, tie your hair back to avoid getting the clay in your hairline.


It is best to wash your face with a Cleanser or Face Wash first to ensure you remove all traces of surface dirt.

Open your skins pores

Wet a Flannel under hot water and apply the hot flannel to your face. Leave for for 1 minute and warm the flannel again in hot water and re-apply. 3 minutes of application will be sufficient to open your skins pores.

Apply the face mask

Avoiding your eyes and lips apply the mask across your face with a gentle patting action. Don't forget under your chin and the neck area.

Wait and Relax

Leave your face mask for 20 minutes. Listen to your favourite music and relax.

Remove the Mask

Rinse in clean warm water and when fully removed splash with cold water to close your skins pores.

Fresh Tea Tree and Geranium
Skin Properties:
spot prone skin, blemished skin, teenage skin, hormonal skin
Skin Type:
Spot Prone / Blemished Skin
Key Benefits:
Spots and Pimples


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Banish & Blemish Face Mask MSDS

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Banish & Blemish Face Mask

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