Aftersun Cream with calming Chamomile

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Natural soothing relief from sunburn

Restoring Jojoba, Soothing Chamomile and Cooling Eucalyptus

Cooling and refreshing oils to bring relief and stabilise your tan

Golden Jojoba (natural SPF 5) and skin soothing English Chamomile, Australian Eucalyptus and French Lavender work together to help stop skin peel and stabilise your tan naturally whilst providing cooling relief that reduces irritation.

Deep down skin moisturisation, Golden Jojoba has a natural SPF of 5

The beautiful rich texture of Aftersun Cream is created by Golden Jojoba which naturally remoisturises your skin and provides loving skin protection with it's natural SPF of 5. The perfect evening moisturiser after a day in the sun

Evening skin rejuvenation, After a day in the sun, make Aftersun Cream your evening moisturiser

Aftersun moisture cream is more than just a functional cream to soothe sunburn, it is your companion to beautiful, fragrant skin and gorgeous skin.

Skin Suitability

Suitable for all skin types

Perfect for all skin types, young and ideal. Ideal for use after exposure to the sun and wind and is safe for use by all the family.

For general tanning the oils will help to maintain the tan, stop and irritation and itching and soothe any burning.

Application Directions, How best to apply your Aftersun Cream

Apply directly to the affected areas, gently apply to the skin without rubbing. Pat the Aftersun Cream into the worse affected areas and allow the cream to gently be absorbed by the skin. Can be used on the face and neck areas.

Use in the evening and overnight for best results

Fresh Peppermint and Light Herbaceous undertones
Skin Properties:
Soothing Chamomile and Eucalyptus with natural Jojoba to nourish and hydrate the skin
Skin Type:
All Skin Types / Sunburnt / Sun Damaged
Key Benefits:
Cooling Relief


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