Posted by Danny Stanzl on 23rd Oct 2020

Wildcrafted Nettle Extract

Wild Harvested Nettle for cosmetic use, hand picked and processed from our Little Woodcote Estate Farm

Wildcrafted naturally

Our nettles are allowed to grow in certain areas wildly across in our field.

Growing in amongst wildflower and self colonising in many areas, the wild Nettle encourgaes caterpillars and is an important food for butterfliers. We harvest responsibly to ensure continual supply for our butterfly population during the summer.

Harvested by Hand

We harvest our Nettles by hand to ensure the purity of our Nettle extract.

As our Nettles are wildharvested it is important to ensure it is only Nettle that makes it into our extract.

After harvesting, we hand sort the leaves to ensure quality.

Chemical Free Extraction

We extract our Cosmetic Nettle extract at High Pressure in Organic Glycerine.

This processing method not only maintains purity, but makes the cosmetic nettle extract easy to add to product formulations without additional ingredients.

The properties of Nettle Extract

Nettle to reduce inflammation

ettle has historically been used to reduce inflammation in the body.

In a controlled study of 27 people (not performed by Naturallythinking) applying stinging nettle cream to arthritis significantly reduced pain compared to a pacebo treatment. (1)

Purchasing Cosmetic nettle extract

Already used in many Naturallythinking products, cosmetic Nettle extract will be available to purchase online from January 2021.

Nettle soothes irritation

Nettle is used to clarify the skin and has shown some benefits with helping with psoriasis. The high natural phenol content of Nettle providing powerful antioxidant treatment and protection.

The natural compounds in Nettle are deodorising and thus useful in areas of the skin prone to sweat.

Used in hair treatments, Nettles skin clarifying properties make it useful on the scalp to treat dandruff.


Products you will find Nettle Extract in

You will find our Nettle Extract in the following products

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