Posted by Danny Stanzl on 15th Jun 2020

Thyme Essential Oil Harvest and Distillation at Little Woodcote Estate Farm

On Tuesday 16th June we will be distilling our Thyme for essential oils, British grown and Distilled in Surrey

Grown Organically at our Farm Thyme is traditionally used for problamatic skin conditions

Our Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) Plants were planted early 2018 and this will be our second year of harvesting Thyme.

The wet winter, combined with an exceptionally hot and sunny May have made for perfect growing conditions, with the Thyme rich and fragrant, full of bloom. The rain over the last couple of days was just what was needed before harvesting.

Thyme essential oil is normally imported from Europe and Asia. In 2016, we at Naturallythinking took on 50 acres of farmland to grow the plants that will thrive in a British climate for Essential oil production; decreasing our environment impact, fluctuations in worldwide currency markets and reliance upon imports of oils.

This harvest will be the start of our range of commercially available essential oils produced in England.

All of our oils have been grown 100% Organically.

The distillation will take place in-house on the same day as harvest for freshness and quality of yield.

Planting Sage Essential Oil during the Summer of 2018. Part of our range of English grown and distilled Essential oils.

The first skincare products made with our 2020 Thyme essential oil will be available from the start of July 2020

Our first products from this batch of Thyme as well as the essential oil will be available at the start of July 2020 from our shop in Croydon, our Farm Shop at Oak Tree Farm, Banstead and online at

We regret we are unable to open distillation up to public viewing at the moment, we hope to be able to change this by the end of Summer and for our Lavender Harvest.

Our Thyme Essential Oil is grown for distallation at our Little Woodcote Estate Farm, Surrey.