Tea Tree Test Shower Gel

Time to Produce: 20 Minutes

Complexity: Medium

How much Tea Tree Shower Gel will this recipe make?

The Recipe below will make you 1kg (which is very nearly the same as 1 Litre) of beautiful handmade SLS Free Tea Tree Shower Gel. At the end of the page is a handy link to download this page as a Recipe Card, add all (or some) of the ingredients to your basket to make the shower gel and if you plan to sell the Tea Tree Shower Gel you have made commercially, purchase a Cosmetic Product Safety Report, so you can sell it legally.

The Ingredients you will need to make Tea Tree Shower Gel

Water* - Phase A

Citric acid 8g - Phase B

Coco glucoside 250g - Phase B

Cocamidopropyl betaine 80g - Phase B

Squalane 5g - Phase B

Coconut Oil 5g - Phase C

Glyceryl Oleate 5g - Phase C

Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate** 4g - Phase D

Xanthan gum 5g -Phase E

Glycerine -20g Phase E

How to make the Tea Tree Shower Gel

1. Blend together Phase A ingredients with a blending stick. Agitate strongly to ensure the Citric Acid is fully dissolved


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