Posted by Danny Stanzl on 24th Nov 2020

Sandalwood Australia (Santalum Album) price changes and quality increase

Sandalwood (Santalum album) sourced for ethics and purity from our partners in Australia

Why do we source Indian Sandalwood from Australia?

Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood) grows natively in India. However the growing and harvest of Sandalwood in India fraught with environmental and ethical pitfalls that make Sandalwood undesirable from India. In extreme cases the value of the Sandalwood tree leads to violence and death.

For this reason we source our Sandalwood from our partners (Santanol) in Australia. They are a world leader in the production and supply of pure, natural, ethical and sustainable Sandalwood.

The plantation was started in the 90's, transforming desert into forest. The entire process of growing, harvesting and distilling is handled by Santanol with the woods traceable back to the seeds that were planted.

What is Sandalwood good for?

Sandalwood is a mainstay of the perfume industry, adding depth and quality to any blend it is added to.

Sandalwood needs only be used at a very low dose (0.1% is often enough) as it is a powerful fixative to blends and will get stronger over the following 24 hours.

The main natural constituent of Sandalwood a-santanol and it is this that gives Sandalwood it's many therapeutic properties.

Sore Throat

Often Sandalwood is used for sore throats in blends to be topically applied to the neck.

Smooth Skin

Sandalwood is used to promote healthy looking, smooth skin. Use in anti-ageing products or skin balms and washes to smooth and nourish the skin.

Mood Enhancement

Sandalwood helps balance emotions and lift spirits, helping to relieve tension and rejuvenate your mind. These very properties make Sandalwood ideal for meditation.


About our Sandalwood Grade

There are several grades of Sandalwood available from the Tree, depending upon the part of the Tree being distilled.

We only use and sell the Gold grade, which is the highest grade of Sandalwood available.

The lower grades from Sandalwood spicatum have their place in Aromatherapy, but the rich creaminess and beauty of Santalum album cannot be surpassed.


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