Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oils is Creamy, Woody and Earthy. Found in the finest perfumes and aftershaves it is mind calming, happiness inducing and encourages a state of peace & relaxation.

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Sandalwood essential oil, Santalum album the liquid gold of essential oils. Creamy, woody, earthy and found in the finest perfumes, it is mind calming and happiness inducing with proven skin efficacy.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

We source our Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood) from ethical production in Australia. Known as the king of woods and the liquid gold of essential oil, for thousands of years Sandalwood has been used as a fragrance and ingredient in Cosmetics. Even Cleopatra is said to have known about the antioxidant and moisturising properties of using Sandalwood.

The raw Indian Sandalwood trees grow for 15 years until they reach maturity, when each tree is harvested and processed with care.

Why do we obtain our Sandalwood from Australia?

In 1792, the Sultan of Mysore declared Santalum album trees to be crown property. No commoner could grow sandalwood trees themselves, a ban that would remain in place until 2002. Today, whilst individuals can grow the trees, it is still illegal to cut and harvest the wood from a sandalwood tree unless permission has been granted by the Indian government.

Global supply has dwindled whilst market demand has continued to grow, creating a surge in pricing and an illegal black-market industry. It is estimated that 90% of Indian sandalwood in the marketplace is sourced from illegally harvested wood in India and Indonesia, with much of it obtained from lower quality immature trees. Adulteration is rife with unscrupulous traders combining sandalwood products with other wood types and secretly passing it off as authentic Indian sandalwood.

Poaching and over-harvesting now threaten the survival of a species. Indian Sandalwood is on the verge of extinction, placed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. We source our Sandalwood from Quintis Australia who are proud to have pioneered the establishment of Indian sandalwood plantations to secure this precious species’ future.

Characteristics of Sandalwood Essential Oil

The olfactory character of Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album) oil is spicy, slightly green and diffuse in the top notes. The slightly floral, woody heart notes complement the woody, slightly nutty and spicy base. The oil has a true sandalwood character, and the dry-down is tenacious, sweet, lactonic and woody.

The scent of Sandalwood lasts in excess of 1 week on a smelling strip.

Common Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Historically Sandalwood has been used to relax and calm, bringing harmony and reducing tension. It is typically found in blends for depression and busy lifestyles.

Sandalwood is commonly used as a fixative in perfumery blends and cosmetics, ensuring the scent lasts longer on the skin.

Today, modern science not only supports the traditional benefits highlighted above, but also studies continue to find new benefits of Sandalwood on both skin and mind.


Indian Sandalwood is used to create healthier, brighter and younger look skin.

Pollution causes a chain reaction of dermatological events. Its noxious gases activate skin cell receptors to produce cytokines and chemokines, causing systemic inflammation and oxidative stress. This damages collagen, which in turn stimulates cortisone production, exacerbating inflammation. Indian Sandalwood oil’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidation properties can potentially help prevent skin damage in the first instance, and repair any damage that has already occurred in the second.

As skin ages it naturally produces cortisol, which increases inflammation of the skin tissue. Indian sandalwood oil is reported to block the activity of crucial inflammatory enzymes while stimulating the activity of a deactivating enzyme. A clinical trial of the in-vitro anti-inflammatory impacts of sandalwood oil revealed startling results: over 75% of the paediatric patients with atopic dermatitis showed a 50% improvement in visual symptoms upon applying a formulation containing sandalwood oil.1

Collagen is a major protein in the skin connective tissue, essential for maintaining the shape and texture of skin. Antioxidant proteins help to protect collagen from oxidation – a major cause of wrinkles and lack of skin firmness. Indian sandalwood oil is believed to ‘supercharge’ the production of proteins that stop the oxidation process and reverse associated damage.2

Dark spots and pigmentation or sunspots are another major sign of ageing skin caused by an over-production of melanin. Sandalwood oil reportedly inhibits the major enzymes producing melanin, reducing discolouration and brightening the skin.

Whilst Indian Sandalwood oil does not block UV or blue light emitted by digital screens, it does help repair the damage, inflammation and skin pigmentation caused post-exposure.


Indian sandalwood is renowned for its use in relaxation and meditation. So how does something so calming also promote alertness, focus and vigour?

A study observing the physiological and mental/emotional impact of sandalwood discovered that whilst the oil acts as a relaxant physically, it is a stimulant behaviourally. The greater the decrease in systolic blood pressure, the higher the subjective rating of alertness.4 The same study shows that fragrance molecules positively interact with glutamate receptors in the brain, which play an important role in learning and memory.

Sandalwood has a long history of use in meditation, yoga and worship for its ability to clear the mind. Sandalwood oil is also used in aromatherapy to promote a sense of calm, relieving anxiety and tension.

It is a proven relaxant, decreasing anxiety and calming the nervous system, and assisting with better quality sleep. Its benefits are realised upon inhalation of the sweet woody fragrance or when absorbed through the skin.

According to studies, the alpha-santalol in sandalwood oil relaxes and sedates the nervous system. It is reported to act in a similar way to anti-anxiety medication, interacting with receptors in the brain that regulate anxiety.4

Relaxation methods include using sandalwood oil in a diffuser, burning the oil, using sandalwood incense sticks or a massage oil.

Emotional eating generally occurs when people turn to food as a way of dealing with uncomfortable emotions. Studies show that inhaling sandalwood oil causes a reaction with brain receptors, eliciting feelings of calm and suppressing negative emotions, thereby reducing the desire to eat. As muscles in the body relax, digestion improves.

Sandalwood blends well with Basil, Benzoin, Black Pepper, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose, Vetivert, Ylang Ylang.

Precautions when using Sandalwood Essential Oil

As with all essential oils we do not recommend using Sandalwood during pregnancy.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Technical Information

Criteria Information

Latin Name

Santalum album


Santalum album (Sandalwood) Oil

Plant Family


Extraction Method

Then oil is distilled from all parts of the tree

Country of Origin



100% Pure Essential Oil, therapeutic grade



Santalol (Alcohol), Furfurol (Aldehyde), Santalene (Sesquiterpene)

Cas No.

8006-87-9 / 84787-70-2

Einecs No.

- / 284-211-1

Blends well with

Basil, Benzoin, Black Pepper, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose, Vetivert, Ylang Ylang.

IFRA Certificate 49th Amendment

Technical Documents

Please see the Technical Tab below for SDS, Allergens information and IFRA Certificates

We source our Sandalwood oil from Quintis, a sustainable high quality Indian Sandalwood

The evidence behind the efficacy of Indian Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a Powerful antioxidant

Science shows that Sandalwood is superior in antioxidant activity to Vitamin E. Cellular research confirms that Sandalwood essential oil significantly decreases the damage to collagen in skin tissues after environmental exposure to stressors.

Sandalwood is a powerful antioxidant

Discover the fountain of youth! A recent clinical study proves that Indian sandalwood oil can protect your skin against oxidative stress caused by urban dust and blue light. Collagen, which is essential for preserving our youthful complexion, breaks down due to Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Fortunately you don't have to fret - Sandalwood increases the production of proteins helping prevent ROS from wreaking havoc on collagen. You'll be glowing in no time with this incredible natural skincare solution!

Sandalwood can reduce discolouration

The overproduction of melanin is a common sign of ageing skin. A study has found that sandalwood oil inhibits the major enzymes from producing melanin.

Sandalwood is used to calm the mind

Sandalwood has a long history of use in meditation, yoga and worship for its mind-calming properties. Sandalwood oil promotes a sense of calm, can help relieve anxiety and tension, and can help aid sleep.

Studies show alpha-santalol, a component in sandalwood oil responsible for its key biological activities, relaxes and sedates the nervous system in a similar way that anti-anxiety medication interacts with the receptors in the brain that regulate anxiety.

Blends Well With:
Bergamot, Black Pepper, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh, Rose, Ylang Ylang
Avoid During Pregnancy
Country of Origin:
Latin Name:
Santalum album
Traditional Physical Properties:
Sore Throat
Part of Plant Used:
Leaves & Twigs
100% Pure
A very deep woody oil with Sweet tones to a creamy base.
Key Benefits:
Traditional Emotional Use:
Nervous exhaustion, Stress, Feeling of Inner Peace
Traditional Skin Use:
Relieves itching, inflammation, Anti-ageing, Dehydrated skin, Skin Toning
HS Code:
HS Description:
Sandalwood Essential Oil
HS Country:
HS Composition:
Viscous Liquid


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Sandalwood Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Sandalwood Essential Oil Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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