Original Carshalton Lavender Soap

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The scent of a Fresh Lavender Field, natural & handmade soap with Original Carshalton Lavender perfect for the entire family

Original Carshalton Lavender Soap

Our biggest selling Soap and a true family favourite, handmade Original Carshalton Lavender Soap will soon have you realising why.

Every Handmade Soap has the scent of fresh Lavender fields in a soothing, lathering Soap which is indulgent and rejuvenating with real pieces of Lavender flower.

Our natural soaps are made from Pure Olive Oil (High in Vitamin E and known to be the very best Oil to use in soap for sensitive skins, Palm Oil (used for its Hardening qualities and also high in Vitamin E) and Coconut Oil (used for its natural foaming and moisturising ability) and are handcrafted using only the purest Essential oils. They also contain water and the finest quality herbs.

The rich scent of Original Carshalton Lavender in our Soap

Rich in Original Carshalton Lavenderh3;. The Lavender from the fields here in Carshalton is unique and regarded as one the best in the World (even by our French friends!). A wonderful blend of herbaceous low notes and sweet high notes.

Skin Suitability

Perfect for all skin types, and delicate enough to be used by the entire family and those with sensitive skin. The old fashioned handmade formula makes handmade soap a wonderful way to wash without chemicals. Soaps made the old fashioned way have a pH of approximately 8.

How to use Original Carshalton Lavender Soap

Like a fine wine our Soaps mature with age, the longer you leave them the deeper their scents will become and the harder the bar will become, making it last even longer.

Lather and wash as needed. Perfect for faces, hands and bodies.

Product Aim:
To cleanse and refresh your skin
Herbaceous English Lavender
Skin Type:
All Skin Types
Key Benefits:


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Original Carshalton Lavender Soap The TDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

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