Marine Collagen Skin Care Pack

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Marine Collagen Skincare Pack - The 5 steps to hydrated and youthful skin

Using your Marine Collagen Love Your Skin Pack

Stage 1

  • Gently wet your skin with warm water to open up your pores.
  • Apply the facial activating gel to your finger tips.
  • In a circular motion work across your face, starting with your nose and working out to the extremities.
  • Apply little pressure when applying, just allowing your fingers to glide the exfoliate over your skin.
  • Leave on for 2 minutes then gently wipe off with a warm cloth.

Stage 2

Once you have exfoliated you will then want to tone. This is usually the one stage a lot of people miss out on their daily routine but toning is essential as you want to restore your skins pH balance and remove any excess cleanser or makeup. Having a good pH balance aids healthy vibrant skin.

  • The toner should be applied with a cotton pad.
  • Saturate the cotton pad and pat the toner gently over your face and neck area.
  • Apply it to the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, or to the whole face.
  • Never rub your skin when applying the marine collagen toner.

Stage 3

Now you are onto the last stage the fun part moisturising. This is where your skin feels as soft as silk.

  • Starting at your chin apply an upwards motion to your face smoothing out from the center to the extremities of the face.
  • Apply to the forehead in an upward motion to strengthen the facial muscles, helping to tone and improve the skins texture.

Why do you need to cleanse or exfoliate?

Our skin is getting hit constantly with all kinds of grime, cellular debris. Along with makeup clogging up our pores. Our fantastic exfoliating gel helps wash away any dead skin using natural pumice's. Marine collagen is the key ingredient in these products which helps activate new skin cells.

Why do you need to tone your skin?

Your pores are still open from cleansing/exfoliating. You need to close your pores to stop any dirt/grime getting back in. Our marine collagen toner is able to tighten the skin and keep it from being exposed to many of the toxins that are floating in the air or other environmental pollutants. Our Marine Collagen toner is able to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve the skins tone and make your skin feel fresh and clean due to its Aloe Vera extract.

Why do you need to moisturise?

We need to moisturize to keep our skin well nourished and to help replace dead skin cells which we loose on a day to day basis. Our marine collagen cream specifically helps aid the skins natural ability to produce collagen. Our key ingredient is Marine derived collagen to help aid the skin in its natural repair and defense. This helps with the tightening and rejuvenating of the skin giving you a youthful appearance.

Perfum like
5 x Bottles
Skin Properties:
Elasticity Boosting, Collagen Producing, Anti Ageing
Skin Type:
Normal Skin
Key Benefits:
Elasticity Collagen Boost


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Marine Collagen Skin Care Pack MSDS

Marine Collagen Skin Care Pack MSDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

Marine Collagen Skin Care Pack

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