Ice Cold Foot Revive Cream

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Revive and Relieve your tired and weary feet

Quick soaking Creamy Foot Cream, bringing soothing and softening relief to feet, antiseptic Lavender and Cooling Mitcham Peppermint make our foot cream ideal for use on corns and blisters

Fast Absorption, Quick Results

A real customer favourite, our wonderful blend of English Lavender & Cooling Mitcham Peppermint is the perfect combination for tired feet that are in need of a revive.

English Lavender has wonderful and intense antiseptic properties that help guard against fungal infections whilst soothing and restoring the skin on your feet.

The Fragrant English Peppermint gives a fantastically cool sensation on your feet which invigorates and deodorises your feet in a rich cream and makes it popular with men and women alike.

Skin Suitability

Everybody demands a little TLC on their feet at sometime, the natural cooling and soft feel of the cream is a godsend to tired weary feet.

The scent is great too and the natural anti-bacterial properties of Lavender will help keep feet healthy and bacteria free.

The cream is ideal for teenagers, those that spend a lot of time on their feet and athletes, helping to protect the feet from bacterial infection caused by sweating and heat.

Application Directions

Clean your feet with a damp cloth or in the bath or shower and then dry gently and apply the Intense Lavender & Peppermint Foot Cream to your feet.

The cream will help cool even the hottest and sweaty feet and is wonderful for both men and women alike. Can be applied to hot feel without cleaning for instant relief.

Fresh Peppermint
Skin Properties:
Softening Relief to dry and hard foot skin
Skin Type:
Dry Feet and Hard Skin
Key Benefits:
Soothe & Soften


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Ice Cold Foot Revive Cream MSDS

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Ice Cold Foot Revive Cream

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