Circulation Boost Set

A perfect 4 step routine to boost your skins circulation.

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Bring life to sluggish skin with the circulation boosting facial set

Four step routine for tackling dull and sluggish skin

Do you struggle with dull and sluggish skin, that could do with a little kick start?

The Circulation Boost Skin pack is just for you, a treat for your skin and senses our plant based skincare will soon have your skin alive and glowing.

Plant Based, Vegan, Cruelty Free and made in Britain

Many of the ingredients in our skincare products are grown at our farms in the Surrey Hills.

Those ingredients that cannot grow in the UK due to climate are sourced from ethical growers and producers worldwide.

Of course, all of our products are Vegan, Plant-Based and Never Tested on Animals.

Packaged for the environment

All of our plastic bottles are made from a minimum of 30% recycled material and, of course, are fully recyclable. Over the coming year, our plastic bottles will move to corn-based plastic, removing all petrochemicals from the process and will be 100% carbon neutral.

Our glass jars are increasingly made from recycled material and easily recycled in standard recycling facilities (or, of course, repurposed in the home).

Our skincare, haircare, and make-your-own sets are all packed in unbleached cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable in standard recycling facilities.

The circulation boosting skincare set includes

Citrus Botanics Face Mask 120ml
It brings life to dry skin and boost circulation with moisturising extracts of argan

Orange, Lemon and Argan Face Cream 60ml
Skin lifting and circulation-boosting with natural AHA's

Orange & Rosewood Face Wash 250ml
With stimulating AHA's and squalane to soften, Orange & Rosewood Face wash is a daily must.

Grapefruit Skin Toner 100ml
A beautiful, refreshing, and toning skin toner that gets your facial circulation stimulated.

Circulation Boost


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Circulation Boost Set The TDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

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