Mixing Oils & Cosmetic Bases

Posted by Dan on 2nd Sep 2019

On this fun one day course you will learn to use essential oils and carrier oils with the Naturallythinking range of cosmetic bases. 

Cosmetic bases are great for business use and for home enthusiasts. They are easy to use with a whole range of other ingredients, especially essential oils and carrier oils. 

Our range of cosmetic bases are natural products without the added extras such as essential oils or carrier oils. On this course we will use a range of bases, carrier oils and essential oils.

The course covers the basics of mixing essential oils for use in products. We will also cover the basics of how bases are created and why we use the ingredients we do. 

We will investigate the science of mixing essential oils in relation to their smell and chemical structure. 


1 Essential Oil & Carrier Oil Basics (Theory)

2. Mixing with cream bases

3. Mixing with Washing Products

4. Mixing with Gel Products

The course discusses the benefits of a range of carrier oils and essential oils and their use in products. 

This course is aimed at both starting a cosmetics business based on using manufactured cosmetic bases and home enthusiasts looking to make products for their family.

Please note: This course does not cover the legal use of essential oils in relation to commercial selling under EU Regulations 1223/2009. We would recommend that you also attend our EU Legislation Course to fully understand the requirements of the law when selling commercially.