Posted by Danny Stanzl on 4th Feb 2022

Is Sweet Almond Oil, always Sweet Almond Oil?

One of the most important oils in aromatherapy is Sweet Almond. Sweet Almond is the mainstay of most therapists and plays an integral part in producing massage oils, creams, lotions, and hair products.

However, it is very easy to be duped by so-called "cosmetic grade" Sweet Almond Oil.

The reality is that most companies selling Cosmetic Grade Sweet Almond Oil are hiding behind the oil being a mix of Sweet Almond and Sunflower Oil. Doing this benefits the seller, as Sunflower is nearly half the price of Sweet Almond at wholesale prices. The temptation for sellers to do this has increased over the past 12 months with ever-increasing raw material prices.

At Naturallythinking, we feel that this isn't ethical. When you buy Sweet Almond, you expect to get a bottle of Sweet Almond, not Sweet Almond blended with Sunflower. We never blended oils in our carrier oil range, and our Sweet Almond Oils is always 100% Sweet Almond. We buy direct and in large quantities, cutting out middle men, so that we can bring you pure Sweet Almond Oil at great prices.

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