Shampoo Clear

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A cleansing and foaming shampoo that supports the addition of essential oils and natural actives to create bespoke hair care products

GMO Free Skincare Vegan Friendly Skincare Paraben free cosmetic Cruelty Free Skincare natural skincare Locally grown skincare Skincare made in Britain

A cleansing and foaming shampoo that supports the addition of essential oils and natural actives to create bespoke hair care products

Clear Shampoo

A great general purpose clear shampoo that foams beautifully and deeply cleansing which blends well with 0 - 4% essential oils. The clear shampoo creates an excellent Spa base for beautiful shampoos. Will allow the addition of liquid dyes. Safe for use by the whole family alone as a simple base for sensitive skin or blended. If you are planning on using a high dosage of essential oils in your Shampoo blend, this is the best base to use. The base can also benefit from up to 2% addition of Carrier Oils and Infusions to create a tailored and moisturising Shampoo.

Hair Suitability

Suitable for all hair types, but can be tailored to specific hair requirements with the addition of essential oils, fragrances and active ingredients.

Combine with a Conditioner to provide gloss and shine after shampooing.

pH of Clear Shampoo

5 - 5.5

Stability / Shelf Life

36 Months / Use within 12 months of opening.

The above shelf life is based upon Naturallythinking Clear Shampoo without additional ingredients. The shelf life can be affected by the addition of ingredients. Adding oils which quickly go rancid can reduce the life expectancy of the product, whereas adding ingredients with natural preservative and anti-oxidant properties can prolong the life of the Clear Shampoo.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Skin Application Directions

Wet the hair and then add a liberal amount of shampoo to your hair and bring to lather.

Directions for Blending

Gradually stir your essential oils into the shampoo (if you are only mixing 100ml at a time, you can shake the bottle). Add a maximum of 2% essential oil to the shampoo base.

We do not recommend the addition of carrier oils in the shampoo base, though you can add protein oils such as silk to further enhance the properties

Product Tips

Deep coloured essential oils give natural colour to your shampoo's. Blue Chamomile gives a lovely blue colour or add sweet orange to tinge the shampoo orange... and what's more Blue Chamomile is wonderful for problem scalps whilst Sweet Orange can help encourage the circulation in the scalp, helping to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Max Carrier Oil:
Max Essential Oil:
Can be used alone on sensitive scalps and normal hair or combine with essential oils, carrier oils and natural actives for tailored haircare products
Purpose of Product:
Clear Shampoo
Skin Properties:
Sensitive for the Scalp and Cleansing for Hair
Skin Type:
All Hair Types
Key Benefits:
Sensitive Shampoo
HS Code:
HS Descriptiuon:
Shampoo Cosmetic
HS Country:
HS Composition:


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Shampoo Clear Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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