Lavender Handwash Gift Set

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Original Carshalton Lavender Hand Wash and Hand Cream Gift Set. Our Lavender Gift Set worth £30 when sold seperately

'Every home should have a bottle' - Our customers Love! Original Carshalton LavenderHandwash.

Fragrant and perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, Original Carshalton Lavender Hand Wash is loved by old and young.

From Farm to Cosmetic

Made with Original Carshalton Lavender, direct from Carshalton Lavender fields and English Hemp. Our beautifully fragrant hand wash and hand cream has a traditional Lavender herbaceous scent with sweet upper notes. Naturally antiseptic and skin loving, this handwash is beautiful on a Summers day or the depths of winter.

Fragrantly natural, Original Carshalton Lavender is calming and mind clarifying

Rich in Original Carshalton Lavender. The Lavender from the fields here in Carshalton is unique and regarded as one the best in the World (even by our French friends!). A wonderful blend of herbaceous low notes and sweet high notes.

Skin Suitability

Suitable for all skin types

Safe for use by the entire family

Application Directions, How best to apply your Original Carshalton Lavender Hand wash

Apply to damp hands and massage into your hands. Rinse with clean warm water until handwash is removed.


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Lavender Handwash Gift Set MSDS

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Lavender Handwash Gift Set

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