Glass Jars

Glass Jars for cosmetics

Glass Jars for cosmetics

Glass Jars for Cosmetic, Aromatherapy and Skincare Use

Our Glass jars are suitable for cosmetics, aromatherapy use and skincare use. In addition they are used by many customers for candles as well as a multitude of other uses.

There is no minimum order on any of our packaging

100% recyclable glass and never sprayed

All of our glass jars are 100% recyclable in standard glass recycling facilities. Increasingly they contain larger percentages of recycled material. All of our jars are real coloured glass, we never sell any sprayed glass for maximum compatibility and safety

Choice of caps and closures

Our glass jars are supplied without closures. We have a choice of closures in our closures section and as we have use industry standard neck sizes they are compatible with a wide range of third party closures.

Our glass jar range