Corn Starch (Corn Flour)

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Corn Starch is used in cosmetics to thicken the cosmetic production. It imparts a silky but dry feel and is good at absorbing excess Oil

Corn Starch is obtained from Maize

Corn Starch is used in Cosmetic Formulations to control viscosity, add absorbency, film forming and skin conditioning properties to the final cosmetic product. Commonly used in Bath Bomb Production, corn starch adds smoothness to the final product and controls the fizz reaction. Corn Starch is derived from Maize.

Corn Starch can be used to add thickness and stability to face mask formulations

Corn Starch Inci

Zea Mays


100% Pure

Product Form

Corn Starch is a Powder

Important Packaging Note on Corn Starch

Please note the 1kg size is supplied in a Metallic Resealable bag, the 5kg size in a Plastic Bucket and the 25kg size in a bulk bag.

Usage in Bath Bombs

When used in bath bombs, Corn starch helps control the reaction of the Bath Bomb, adding a longer and softer bath bomb experience. It will give the Bath Bomb a more luxurious texture, making it feel and look smooth and remove the "pitting" which can happen without the starch being added. It adds manufacturer by making the Bath Bomb Ingredients less likely to react quickly during manufacture. Corn Starch is best combined with the Sodium bicarbonate first and then the mixture then combined with Citric acid to complete the Bath Bomb.

Skin Properties:
Film Forming
Skin Type:
All Skin Types
Key Benefits:
Viscosity & Smoothess


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Corn Starch (Corn Flour) Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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