50ml Blue Plastic Bottle 20mm neck PET Plastic

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A 50ml Blue bottle, clear plastic, Suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, food stuffs, and other chemical based solutions. Closures available separately, this bottle has a 20mm neck.

50ml Blue Plastic Bottle, Traditional Boston Style

A plastic bottle with a nominal value of 50ml and a choice of caps. A unique and stylish little bottle.

The 50ml plastic bottle is perfect for travel use at a customs approved 50ml size and also perfect for hotel and spa supplies, with a high quality finish and stylish shape.

The bottles are high quality with an excellent finish and have been manufactured exclusively for Naturallythinking

At Naturallythinking we only use PET plastic for its excellent environmental recycling abilities, low energy consumption and unrivaled quality of finished product.

Typical 50ml Plastic Bottle Usage

Bath and Shower Lotions
Bath Oils
Personal Care
Hand Soaps
Carrier Oils
Aromatherapy Blends
Ideal for samples and Give-Aways

Compatible Closures

Please note the bottle does not come complete with a cap, you will need to purchase a cap separately. The neck of the bottle is 20/410 and will fit any of our closures in the 20mm cap section.

Plastic bottle looks like glass

PET Plastic has a look like glass which will enhance the look of your products. We use pet plastic throughout our plastic bottle range.

Environmental Credentials

PET Plastic is fully recyclable with a low heat input. The low weight makes PET plastic ideal for transportation.

PET Plastic unlike other plastics does not leach into the ground if placed in landfill and will therefore not cause land contamination.

Neck Size:
Neck Type:
20 SP410
Volume Nominal:
Volume Overflow:


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50ml Blue Plastic Bottle 20mm neck PET Plastic MSDS

50ml Blue Plastic Bottle 20mm neck PET Plastic MSDS can be downloaded by Clicking Here

50ml Blue Plastic Bottle 20mm neck PET Plastic

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